South Park

Say, a new South Park episode. And it’s a great one too. How lovely.

Thanksgiving is near in South Park, and Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny are looking at a Thanksgiving-related programme on the History Channel for their history report, where they discuss that the very first Thanksgiving in 1621, was actually influenced by aliens. Why? Because you can’t prove that there weren’t aliens there! A group of secret agents – not from FBI or the CIA, but from the History Channel – get a hold of the kids’ history report and start asking them questions.

Kyle points out the stupidity of this theory and sarcastically says “Why don’t you just say that the American Pilgrims and Native Americans where themselves aliens?” Being hilariously stupid, the agents don’t understand his saracasm, but think he has made the schocking discovery that the Pilgrims and the Indians where, in fact, aliens. I love episodes where Kyle feels surrounded by nitwitted morons; hence why I find him the most relatable character on the show.

Suddenly, something actually does fall from space. It’s a Pilgrim (hat with belt and everything) who reveals that Pilgrims and Indians are indeed space aliens who have been mortal enemies for centuries. This, of course, is where it turns into a Thor-parody, right down to Natalie Portman being the person who finds the space pilgrim.

This, dear readers, was a wonderful episodes. Some Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s greatest moments have, after all, been when they make fun of all truly stupid people; in this case it is credulous people who believe in aliens and conspiracy theories, as well as people who don’t get sarcasm. I’ve had to deal with both types of idiot at once, sadly.

I don’t know much about Thanksgiving, but enough to laugh out loud many times during A History Channel Thanksgiving. Much obliged, Parker and Stone.