Don’t you have the money to buy tickets to a big, grand deathcore or death metal concert? Well, my friend, weep no more, because I know exactly how you can feel like you’re experiencing such a concert, without actually being there. This is How To Perfectly Visualize A Deathcore Concert.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Find an empty room.

Step 2. Find a voice actor with a deep voice and make him shriek unintelligably into his hands.

Step 3. Get some friends to furiously slam some electric guitars into drums.

Step 4. Close your eyes and use your imagination. (You should preferably think of muscle bound, pale guys shaking their hair around.)

Step 5. (OPTIONAL) If you have more friends, get them to stand in a crowd around you and scream louder than the music, to get the true feeling that you’re attending a real concert.

There, now you will truly feel like you’re litsening to your favourite deathcore or death metal band live, without actually going to see them. Of course, I haven’t yet tested it to see if this actually works but, well, I really don’t want to.

No need to thank me.