South Park.

All right, a new South Park episode. What do we have here?

The children at South Park Elementary are given more PE than usual, due to 1% of them, namely Cartman, performing poorly during their Presidential Fitness Test, giving them the lowest scores in the country and making the other children enraged with Cartman, bullying him slightly more than usual. This causes Cartman to run home and seek comfort among his beloved stuffed animals.

Yes, the story here is that Cartman still plays with stuffed animals, although someone mysteriously starts killing them off, making Cartman increasingly scared. Interesting.

I’m a little disappointed that Cartman wasn’t his usual evil self in this episode – but much fun it is to see him insane and frightened – and that there was no reference to Mitch Connor. If you know who he is and Cartman’s relation to him, then you might know why I think a reference to him would’ve been fitting.

Not sure what I think about this one. It has some great jokes but not the best story, perhaps. I think I am giving this one a 4/5. Not the best, but certainly good enough.