They call themselves "A For Anonymous" or just "Anonymous". They're *clever*; that's for sure.

Oh no! A group of V For Vendetta-fanboys decided to be angry at Facebook for allegedly selling info about their users to foreign governments or something, so now they’ve decided to hack it. Yes, dear readers; they shall hack Facebook. The whole thing. Take it down. It’ll be for a short while, probably, but they’ll do it! Oh yeah!

Honestly though, I am not too worried. When Facebook gets the site back up – that is, IF these clowns succeed to take it down first – I’ll possibly have to re-upload a few photos and restore a few things but I can live with that, as well as having some time for a real social life for once. Go ahead, “A For Anonymous” (some name, huh?), you have your fun!

On a Swedish news-site there was an article about this threat. Some guy commented on the article and stated in a long, angry and “smart” rant that he thinks that “A For Anonymous” are doing the right thing, because he is tired of Facebook snooping on his private life and integrity. Amusingly, he posted his comment via his Facebook account. I don’t like Facebook either, hence why I’m always using it. Nice rant there, smart guy.

I’m surprised these clowns aren’t just simply annoyed by how addictive Facebook is. But then again, we’ve all heard enough whining about that, I trust?