If somehow you don’t know what Equals Three (spelled =3) is, then that just gives me a reason to envy you.

Basically, a man named Ray William Johnson, has this show on YouTube where he reviews viral videos that are currently popular. Inexplicably, this show also is really popular, particularly amongst teenagers. He makes a few immature, inane and unfunny comments about the videos and that’s pretty much it. That’s =3 for you, chaps.

Teens seem to agree that Ray is the greatest thing ever, despite the fact that the humour – if any – in his videos is based around the content of the videos he has featured stolen, while the jokes he makes are too stupid to be honestly considered amusing. This is why I cannot stand it or understand why such a lame show can have such a tremendous fanbase.

Look, if the videos he “reviews” – if you can actually call it that – is what makes you cackle, then watch the videos without enduring Ray’s attempts as humour. If you do find Ray himself funny, you have my sympathy.

Why’s it called =3? Because the emoticon resembles a set of testicles? Again, Ray-lovers; deep sympathy.

I don’t want to say more becuase I believe Maddox, the man in the video above, put it best. Some say Maddox has been ripping Ray off, by also reviewing other people’s vids. Sure thing, Maddox is like Ray, only funny.