Ask a teen, any teen what they think of pop/dance musician Lady Gaga. Most of them are certain to answer that she is the coolest, most original performer in the history of ever. Ask me and I’ll say something else, but not without getting attacked by little monsters (which is what Gaga calls her fans, nice lady).

Yes, ’tis dangerous indeed to point out that you aren’t a Gaga-fan and that her originality isn’t really all that, um, existent. Especially if you’re around Gaga-fans; they won’t have it. I still remember once when I pointed this out, causing enraged Gaga-f… I mean little monsters to label me idiotic and whatnot. One of the more, shall I say ‘amusing’ monsters argued that she must be great and munificent simply because she’s so popular. I’m not making this up. This moron actually believed that immense popularity always means greatness. Sorry to burst your bubble, friend; she is popular, yes, but she isn’t the towering queen of pop or whatever it is you want her to be. If the size of your following determines your greatness, Hitler would by your logic be the best musician of his time.

So, she’s not great because she’s popular, obviously, but is she great because her music is? Well, some of her songs (“Judas” comes instantly to mind) are actually quite good, but others (“Bad Romance”) makes me wonder why she doesn’t just give up on writing lyrics and just stick to that jibberish her little monsters seem to admire so.

Is she great because of her weird videos and costumes? Hm, some of her outfits and vids are quite nice but they mostly seem like calls for attention. “Hey, look at me! I’m crazy!” or somesuch. I wouldn’t say her claimed craziness makes her super-great.

Is she great because she’s original? Well, aside from the stuff she’s stolen from Madonna… nope, still not very original. You know that ‘Ma-ma-ma’ sound in the lyrics of the “Pokerface”-song, that you most likely believe she cleverly came up with herself? Just watch this:

She says she was “born this way”, so I guess she has been both weird and mislabeled as original since she was a little boy. [Cue little monsters giving me a piece of their mind.]