South Park

Another week, another episode of South Park, but there are rare cases when I find one that I’m not intensely fond of, only mildly. That is the case with the unusually weak Broadway Bro Down. Not as many laughs here as in previous episodes, says I.

So, in this episode, Randy Marsh learns that every time you attend a musical with your wife, she will in all cases perform oral sex on you. He also learns that Broadway musical directors are aware of this and they are using subliminal messages to make women in the audience hungry for their husband’s penis. They call this technique “subtext”. And so Randy decides to create his own musicals, where the blowjob-subtext isn’t really subtle… at all.

In the episode’s B-plot, Stan Marsh’s older sister Shelly teaches a local vegan boy how wonderful it is to eat meat. The two begin to bond. That’s pretty much it.

The episode has some laughs, but not many. I assume most of the jokes and gags here are related to Broadway-musicals, and I’m not really into Broadway, so I only got the more obvious references such as the ones to Phantom of The Opera and Les Miserables. Why were the Broadway directors constantly punctuating their sentences with the word ‘bro’? Is it just a Broadway-thing? I do not know.

So yes, maybe I didn’t love this one merely because I’m clueless. My guess is that those with broader (Har har!) knowledge of Broadway will understand it better. Me, I’m giving this a lower rating than usual, I’m afraid. I very much enjoyed the Spider-Man joke, though. Not revealing it here.