South Park

Another week, another brilliant South Park-episode. Bass To Mouth is its name.

This episode tells the story of a gossip-website, Eavesdropper, that posts hot stories about the students at South park Elementary and recently they posted about a kid who defecated in his trousers in front of everyone. He is humiliated but the other kids are amused, especially Eric Cartman. In order to prevent the child from commiting suicide, Cartman is ordered by the principal to find a way to help him get through this. Cartman’s suggestions don’t make matters better as his ideas involves someone else pooping their pants even harder, creating an even bigger Eavesdropper-story. I love Cartman.

Meanwhile, we see Kyle, Stan and Kenny with some other kids who agree that Eavesdropper ought not post online about their private lives and so they set out to find whoever is running the site.

This is yet another great job by Parker and Stone; the primary reason I love it, you might’ve guessed, is that it is partially a Cartman-episode, and Parker and Stone clearly haven’t run out of clever ways to show jusy how delightfully evil, egotistical and mean he is. “Never gets old” I believe the term is.

The episode has moments a plenty where one cannot help but laugh somewhat loudly. An especially wonderful moment is when it is revealed who is running Eavesdropper, que the return of a character I have missed. I won’t say who he is, but he was once on a grand adventure in an unpleasant place and he’s the brother of the master behind Eavesdropper, who’s appropriately named Wikileaks (how… timely).

There is also a moment where Selena Gomez shows up and gets beaten up. So yes, I’m giving Bass To Mouth a 4/5. Now that I’ve seen it, I guess I will simply sit down and await the end of the world. What’s taking that Apocalypse so long anyway, Mr. Harold Camping sir?