South Park

The title of South Park‘s latest episode Last of the Meheecans obviously parodies The Last of the Mohicans, but there aren’t any Mohicans here, only Mexicans.

A hilarious episode, I thought. It involves the kids playing one of Cartman’s favorite games, Texans vs. Mexicans, during which naive little Butters disappears, as all his teammates (Mexicans) cross Cartman’s border and thus win the game, not knowing that Butters still has to cross. Butters wanders off, briefly gets adopted by a local couple as their house maid – what else, right? – but is later left by them near his natural habitat, which is a Taco Bell. God, I love this show!

There he meets some other Mexicans who work there, and tell them that he still needs to cross the border to reach his amigos. Butters is still only playing, of course, but The Taco Bell-employees believe that he is destined to lead all Mexicans in America back to their homeland and so they gather all of America’s Mexican folk and start heading towards the real border. This causes a bit of chaos, because if all Mexicans go home, then who will mow the lawn?

I’ve always loved South Park-episodes where the kids are merely playing an innocent – yet hilariously racist – game, whilst the adults around them is taking everything seriously. It’s just as funny each time.

I think it’s a quite good episode and once again, I’m glad Trey Parker and Matt Stone are continuing the show, although I’ve heard they’re doing so reluctantly. As a huge fan of you both, gentlemen, I can assure that your fans are tremendously pleased but we shall also respect your decision if you were to quit the show.