South Park.

A new episode has arrived at last and if that’s not great enough, I discoverd a while back that I was wrong when I said that season 15 was the final one of South Park. Turns out there will be more, and I could not be more happy to have been wrong.

This episode is a follow-up to the last one where Stan, due to his parents’ divorce, became a cynical asshole and literally saw everything as shit, which means that whatever he saw looked like feces and what he heard sounded like farts. An attitude that would make him perfect for Encyclopedia Dramatica, I mean. In this episode, the school staff conclude that he is suffering from Aspergers, so he is taken to a special hospital for people with the disease, but finds out something extraordinary about it and the patients at the hospital. I won’t give it away, but I will say that it’s got something to do with The Matrix.

Meanwhile, Cartman, thinking Aspergers is actually ‘Ass Burgers’ puts homemade hamburgers in his trousers to make the school nurse think he has it. It doesn’t work but the other kids find his burgers delicious, so he opens his own fast food chain, which quickly goes large. This infuriates the people at McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and other fast food places. “We must destroy Cartman Burger” they say.

This is a great episode! Many moments of big laughs and, as per always, inventive and clever toilet humour, unlike the kind one would expect from an Adam Sandler-film (I’e never seen a duck vomit excrement before, I can tell you). Speaking of which, Adam Sandler was made fun of in this one. Of course I’m giving it thumbs up. I wish the ending was a bit more satisfying, though.

Nevertheless, it’s a pretty good episode and I’m delighted that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still smart and hilarious, and that the show will go on.

How does the saying go?… When you’re tired of eating, you’re tired of life; when you’re tired of Weird Al, you’re tired of comedy; when you’re tired of South Park… something’s terribly wrong.