This one’s a Must-See!

Delightfully merciless; immensely smart

Two puppets getting intimate with one another.

From the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone comes an equally vulgar, cruel and hilarious satire-comedy movie called Team America: World Police, a film that, much like South Park, mercilessly makes fun of so, SO many things without once offending me.

I feel sometimes like the works of Stone and Parker are made specifically for me; it really doesn’t matter what religion, TV-show, movie, celebrity, country or anything else they rip apart – I will always (and I do mean always) find myself laughing, agreeing or both. The fact that they clearly have smarts and wit, certainly helps make most their works appealing. To me, at least. Few people I meet seem to be fans of this film, however.

Team America stars fake-looking puppets – complete with visible strings – which makes for a great deal of funny-looking action-scenes. A team known simply as Team America, exists to rid the world of terrorists, usually blowing up 50% of the city they’re attempting to save in over-the-top action sequences. Gary Johnston (Trey Parker), a greatly talented Broadway-actor, is hired by the team’s supervisor Spotswoode (Daran Norris) who explains that acting is the same as spying, hence why he needs Gary to spy on a group of terrorists in Cairo… which is in Egypt… which is 5 621 miles east of America. The film is sure to tell us all that.

Gary is not interested at first but eventually he joins the rest of the team on a mission to Cairo to kick som terrorist arse and blow some stuff up. Afterwards, he falls in love with his teammate Lisa (Kristen Miller) and they eventually parttake in one of the most explicit and genuinely insane sex-scenes I’ve laid my eyes on. Yes, in a film that involves marionettes such a scene can be found. Wow!

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the terrorists are allied with the evil Kim Jong-Il (also voiced by Trey Parker) who is rich, busy, “ronery” and plans to unleash 9/11 times 2 356. Not good. He also uses members of the Film Actor’s Guild (F.A.G. for short), led by Alec Baldwin (voiced by Maurice LaMarche), to make Team America seem like the ones responsible for the chaos that goes on. Coincidentally, Baldwin is Gary’s hero.

Team America – From left to right: Joe, Gary, Chris, Lisa and Sarah.

Throughout the movie we hear a bunch of delightful songs, such as “America, Fuck Yeah!”, “Montage” (used, of course, during the obligatory training montage), “Freedom Isn’t Free”, “Everyone Has Aids” and my favourite, “Pearl Harbor Sucked, And I Miss You”.

When Team America isn’t ripping apart certain people’s beliefs and opinions, it is ripping on many of Hollywood’s blockbuster action-flicks, poking fun at their extremely annoying clichés, such as overuse of explosions, wooden characters (literally, this time around), truly witless dialogue and above all, how it is always the big, grand U.S.A who has to save the day! Movies such as Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day and Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor and Armageddon come instantly to mind. I hear that Stone and Parker watched Pearl Harbor to get the characters in Team America right, I.E. wooden and uninteresting.

The fact that the characters are stock and boring doesn’t really bother me when it is deliberate and for the sake of humour; instead it amuses me, much like the fact that said characters are marionettes with visible strings, which, again, makes them all the more funny to look at. I truly love Team America; I love its fearless crudeness, its deliberately poor character writing, its deliberately silly dialogue, its top-notch soundtrack (both the score by Harry Gregson-Williams and the songs) and naturally, its attitude towards many things that irritate me. It simply makes me feel good and feel generally glad, and I’m aware many will not agree with me on this.

The reason many people seem to hate the film isn’t because of the crudeness only, but also because of its political opinion, which seems nonexistent. Roger Ebert wrote in his review that the film seemingly is “dedicated to sneering at anyone who takes the current world situation seriously”, and I fear that may be one of the reasons I love it so. I can’t say that I don’t “care” about politics – let’s face it, they’re too important to ignore – but I can safely say that I find it sort of boring and I’m seldom willing to engage in political discussions of any kind. All the same, when I feel I’ve heard enough people tediously whining about politics for one day, I simply sit down and enjoy Team America.

The dreaded Kim Jong-Il.

It is a movie I always have fun with, so for me it is an absolute 5/5. If you disagree, there’s not much I can do about that. Me, I view it as a exquisite comedy that I can re-watch many times; it gets better each time.

I have heard that one of the people who were particularly angry at Team America: World Police was Sean Penn, who even wrote an angry letter to Trey Parker and Matt Stone about the movie. Amusingly enough, this reminds me of a line in the film where one character attempts to be threatening by saying: “We will be very angry with you… and we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are.” Great stuff!

5/5 whatever.