I talked to a friend the other day about this one episode of South Park that talked about how the musician Slash was actually a fictional, make-believe character all along, as well as a legend (Vunter Slaush) in a European country originally, just like Santa Claus and such. For some reason, my friend did not quite get the joke.

Come on! Surely you know that it was meant to be just like learning that Santa isn’t real only this time they used a celebrity because, I dunno, Santa does exist in the South Park-universe. I mean here’s how it usually goes down:

Kid A: “Don’t you know that Santa isn’t real?”

Kid B: “What? But… then who comes to my house every Christmas?”

A: “It’s just one of our parents.”

B: “But who gives me all my Christmas-gifts?”

A: “One of our parents!”

And now here’s the South Park-version:

A: “Don’t you know that Slash isn’t real?”

B: “What? But… then who played guitar at my birthday party?”

A: “One of our parents.”

B:  “But who was the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses?”

A: “One of our PARENTS!!”

And now, because of what day it is today, here’s the “stupid conspiracy theorist”-version.

A: “Don’t you know that Osama Bin Laden’s not actually real? He is only a government-lie!”

B: “What? But… then who’s the guy on all those freakin’ videos?”

A: “One of our parents!”

B: “Then who was behind 9/11?”


Okay okay, I admit it; the only reason I posted this was to make fun of conspiracy theorists, mostly because today seems to be a good day for them to spew their idiotic theories. *Sigh*