This one's worth skipping.

Jason Lee as David Seville (stage name of Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.)

Forgettable; at times somewhat annoying.

The Alvin and the Chipmunks live-action film. Yes, because adapting a cartoon into a live-action movie had worked so well before this one, what with masterpieces like Scooby-Doo, Garfield and such.

I’m sure I will anger some by giving this film a mostly negative review, because I’m aware there are fans of this films who enjoy hearing cute little squeeky chipmunks sing songs that are hip and cool right now. I personally, don’t see what’s so great about high-pitched singing; perhaps it was more charming in the cartoon when they were not singing those “hip and cool” songs that constantly show up in my life to irritate me. I haven’t seen the ‘toon as you might have guessed and this film does not make me want to.

The film opens by introducing us to the titular singing chipmunks (they can speak to humans and sing – just go with it), Alvin the Awesome One (Justin Long), Theodore the Cute One (Jesse McCartney) and Simon the Smart One (Matthew Gray Gubler) as the tree in which they reside is cut down and taken to Los Angeles. There they eventually end up at the home of an unsuccesful songwriter named David, played by Jason Lee. After causing some adorable mayhem in there they are kicked out by David, but as soon as he hears them sing “Only You” he allows them to live with him, as he believes they can save his career.

Before this happens, though, they cause some more adorable trouble for David, such as ruining his date with his neighbour/love interest Claire (Cameron Richardson) and refusing to sing the first time he brings them to a JETT Records executive, named Ian Hawke (David Cross). Eventually, however, the chipmunks begin to feel sorry for David and show off their singing skills to Hawke, making them world famous after some time of releasing ever so high-pitched singles. The fame, of course, makes the little chipmunks a bit arrogant and obnoxious which makes David angry with them. He ends up telling them to just go live with Hawke as they seem to like him a lot more. I’m giving away no genuine surprises when I reveal that he starts missing them after a while. How very sad.

From let to right:... er, I dunno but the middle one is Theodore.

This whole “chipmunks can talk and sing”-thing doesn’t seem to genuinely surprise the world alot either; instead of people asking questions and scientists running tests to discover how this is all possible and what we could possibly learn from other creatures, people simply attend their concerts. But who cares? It’s cute, y’know.

I have not yet pointed out that Alvin and the Chipmunks is, in fact, a Christmas-movie so it was around Christmas when I first saw it. I was in the spirit of the holiday and forgiving and void of film-knowledge at the time, so I overlooked the film’s problems and liked it – a little, but I liked it. Re-watching it, it really isn’t anything special, not to mee at least. I’m really not sure what the fans of the film find so great about all that high-pitched singing, especially sincesome of them also buy the albums – yes, albums. It’s fine if you enjoy the film because you find it sweet and so on, but are you sure those songs don’t get a little annoying eventually?

This is certainly not a painfully bad film but it isn’t much of a good film either. It is bland in its humour and characters, the story makes little sense (Again, this isn’t set in a world where all animals can speak, so why is no big deal made out of these extraordinary chipmunks?),  the animatoin on the titular chipmunks is at times obnoxious, the acting is nothing special and, as I’ve stated, the voices of the chipmunks get annoying after a while. Can’t say a whole lot about the performances by the voice actors, since anyone could’ve done their voices, really; you just need to change the pitch and you’ve got your perfect chipmunk-voices no matter what actor you pick. Except Morgan Freeman, maybe, but you presumably know what I mean.

What if chipmunks actually do possess the ability to communicate somehow, but are unable to actually talk to us human beings? Perhaps they know more than we think? I’ve a feeling that they will all vanish before October 21st when the world’s supposed to end, leaving one last untranslatable message: So long, and thanks for all the nuts.

Ah, I love referencing great literature.

2.5/5 whatever