Again, here I am not answering questions that readers have sent me, but random questions I’ve been asked in real life; in school and such. Why? Boredome, that’s why.

“Which is better? Jersey Shore or Swedish Big Brother?”

Which is least unbearable, you ask? I’m sorry but I am not really sure. It is fair to compare them though, I admit, as they’re somewhat similar in premise and suckyness.

“What sort of music do you enjoy?”

Well, do you remember my motto; that any film of any genre can be good? I feel the same about music, really; any song of any musical genre can be wonderful to listen to, except maybe death metal, although I wouldn’t exactly count that as “music” in the first place.

“What was the first film you owned?”

Well, my very first own movie was this VHS-tape with Winnie the Pooh I recieved on my second birthday. Ah, the years of my Pooh-fanboyism; those were splendid.

My first DVD-movie was The Dark Crystal.

“What filmmakers do you enjoy most?”

One of my favourites is David Lynch, because I admire his ability to create a surreal, nightmarish atmosphere using music and images unlike any other filmmaker I know of. I’m also jolly fond of Darren Aronofsky, mostly because I’ve loved each of his films so far. Yes, even The Fountain. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Marc Caro, Stanley Kubrick, the excellent Steven Spielberg and the Coen Brothers I also adore.

I like most filmmakers, really – except, obviously, for pathetically worthless ones such as Seltzer & Friedberg – but those are the first that come to mind.

“Do you ever consider writing about politics?”

On ocassion I write about other things than movies, but politics rarely cross my mind so there won’t be alot of that. Couldn’t write anything interesting about that anyway, I believe.

“What do you think of Ray William Johnson?”

Well, his show is useless as I can easily watch the videos he unfunnily reviews without him making asinine jokes about them, his wisecracks and jokes are sometimes on a Schneider-level of not funny, his songs range from almost okay to abysmally poor and the size of his fanbase is outright apalling. I’m sorry, folks; “Co sa azy” wont sound funny to me no matter how many times RWJ insists it does.

I’ll probably write more on him later, but right now I’m too hungry.