I must admit, as annoying as both fangirls and fanboys (especially of the likes of Bieber and Twilight) tend to be, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t one myself. Indeed, perhaps I am a That Guy With The Glasses-fanboy if I can forgive the generally low quality of their “film” Suburban Knights. It really is best if us fanboys – fangirls too, mind you – admit what we are, because that’s when a conversation with an overly angry hater can look like the one I recently had with an overly angry That Guy With The Glasses-hater. I believe it went something like this:

Me: “I was quite fond of Suburban Knights. I enjoyed most of the humour and I enjoyed seeing all those critics interact and just have a great time goofing about.”

Hater: “But the editing and special effects suck! You’re a fanboy! You suck! Ha-ha!”

Me: “It is true that there are some problems, but keep in mind that the visual effects aren’t intended to look absolutely spectacular.”

Hater: “You’re defending this shit? You’re just a stupid, sucky fanboy.”

Me: “Hmm, why yes. Yes I am.”

Hater: “Oh really? Well you f… What?”

Me: “I’m a fanboy and proud to be one. Otherwise I’d be having a dreadful time watching seven long videos with people I despise, as you evidently have.”

Hater: “Yeah, b… Um… You’re still a fanboy!”

Me: “I am still, as you say, a ‘fanboy’.”

Hater: “Okay, good. Um… now what?”

Me: “Now you pop off, find something else to bich about and never bother me again. ‘Kay? Bye!”

There was an awkward silence before Hater left the conversation.