Okay, so “L.O.L” was not the real deal, but is this song any better?

It is undeniably not as dreadful as the infamous “Friday” song, but still nothing really special. What I find amusing about this new music video is that it seems like she’s now giving the middle finger to all people with a respectable taste in music, a.k.a her “HATERS”, by singing about how “Friday” has made her famous – more so than any of her haters will ever become.

That means she’s trying to make it sound like being famous for being one of the most detested musicians on the planet is something to be proud of. I don’t like being mean to Rebecca Black herself, but let’s face it – Charlie Sheen was correct when he said “We don’t hate you because you’re famous, you’re famous because we hate you.”

Yet she continues making music and I’m pretty sure Dale Cooper was once warned about this disaster:

Yeah, I know; that was a lame reference.