This one’s a Must-See.

Awesome; kickass!

Yes, I’m giving the That Guy With The Glasses 3 Year Anniversary Special, titled Suburban Knights, a film review. Why? Because it’s and I smegging love those guys, I tell you! That’s why!

So, this year’s special event, Suburban Knights, starts by introducing us to a mysterious figure named Malachite (Orlando Belisle Jr.), entering a car owned by a man (Jim Troken) who relies heavily on 21st century technology, which, for some reason, irritates Malachite. He shoots the man dead and walks away as the car explodes behind him. It’s a pretty neat intro and an interesting enough start.

Meanwhile, several members of are gathered by The Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker), who displays great interest in finding a powerful, magic gauntlet known as Malachite’s Hand. In order to find it, they must follow clues left by the deceased local nerd Jaffers (Rob Walker) and also dress up as characters from quest-based fantasy stories. As we see the costumes, hilarity does ensue.

We’ve got The Nostalgia Critic as Link from the Zelda-games, Spoony (Noah Antwiler) as Gandalf, The Nostalgia Chick (Lindsay Ellis) as Arwen, Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug) as King Arthur, The Cinema Snob (Brad Jones) as Indana Jones, Angry Joe (Joe Vargas) as Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, Film Brain (Mathew Buck) and Luke Mochrie both as Harry Potter, Obscurus Lupa (Allison Pregler) as Snow White (Hold on, it gets better!), 8-Bit Mickey (Mickey Paradis) as Peter Pan (Told ya!), the very tall Handsome Tom (Tom Hanley) as Willow(!!!), Bennett the Sage (Bennett White) as The Cowardly L… er, Aslan from Narnia, MarzGurl (Kaylyn Dicksion) as Princess Mononoke, Phelous (Phelan Porteous) as Rockbiter from The Neverending Story, Benzaie (Benjamin Daniel) as Conan, Todd In The Shadows (Todd Nathanson) as Roberts from The Princess Bride, Jew Wario (Justin Carmical) as David Bowie in Labyrinth (Complete with the crotch!) and lastly, my personal favourite, Paw Dugan (Paul Schuler) as Jeremy Irons in the Dungeons And Dragons-movie.

Some of our heroes.

Oh, and then there’s Ma-Ti (Bhargav Dronamraju), of course; mostly he’s getting bullied, but he does something extraordinary towards the end. There are also cameos I’d rather not spoil.

I was mildly disappointed that no one dressed up as Jen or a Skeksi or any other character from The Dark Crystal, one of my favourite fantasy/quest films of all time.

So, what do you readers expect? That I will complain about things such as acting, writing or action, or just bitch endlessly like one of those amusingly moronic IMDb-trolls who take the films by Doug Walker just a bit too seriously? I will not. They’re not supposed to be on par with Hollywood-productions, nor is it meant to be reviewed as an entirely serious motion picture. So, don’t worry. I shall instead inform you that Suburban Knights is tremendous fun, non-stop hilarity, great over-the-top acting, very funny jokes, many hilarious costumes, some greatly fun cameos and amusingly bad fight scenes, all costing the audience $0.

Yes, there are things that are supposed to be bad here, but there are things that genuinely need fixin’, such as the sound and at times the editing. My dad informed me, when I showed him the trailer, that I should help Doug Walker out with that some time. Thanks, I think? (Okay, he did not exactly say that, but still.)

But nevertheless, Suburban Knights is fantastic entertainment, especially for geeks. If you are no geek, it is highly probable this is not for you.  For all you nerds out there, however, what can I say? It’s got the Channel Awesome-gang, references, fantasy, sci-fi and The Nostalgia Chick showing herself off in a tight dress. I say, what more could one with Star Wars-posters ask for? Hurry up and watch it if you haven’t.

I never thought I’d say this, but: Well, that was my review of Channel Awesome’s That Guy With The Glasses 3 Year Anniversary Special.

5/5 whatever