Why have I never heard of this? Surely this kind of news would reach me a tad bit faster?

I don’t really know if this is the truth, a hoax or an aborted Rebecca Black-project, nor do I know if she’s doing this to gain genuine fans or if she’s aware that all her songs – the ones so far, at least – are so bad they’re good.

Rebecca Black’s new song, if it’s actually coming, is called ‘LOL’ and its lyrics seem to consist mostly of Internet-acronyms, not only because that’s, like, totally trendy and cool, but also because this stuff makes such fantastically marvelous lyrics. When this song gets big, I am confident some idiot somewhere will be inspired to write a song containing lyrics with words like ‘n00b’ or ‘pwned’; just you wait!

When I posted the above link on my Facebook, I wrote “For all you ‘Friday’-lovers out there…”, hoping I wasn’t adressing anyone.