South Park

As the magnificent show reaches its end, I am going to make a few comments about the last few South Park-episodes.

The latest episode of season 15, You’re Getting Old, had its funny moments but was not as smart as the one before it. Stan Marsh turns into a cynical jerk in this episode, as he’s about to grow up and feels old already, and I found it funny how he reminded me of some people I know. The episode was also right about one thing – Adam Sandler absolutely would make a film about excrement and call it a comedy, that’s certain.

Of course, the fools who worship Sandler will probably yell at me angrily because I disapprove of Sandler’s fart jokes, whilst loving a show where one of the characters is walking, talking feces, so allow me to explain the differance; the idea of a turd being the symbol for Christmas is a pretty funny concept, while characters farting and urinating for the sole purpose of making IQ-exempt fanboys laugh is just plain terrible. South Park is smart, Sandler-films aren’t.

So, the episode isn’t perfect, but it has its moments. 4/5