The Holocaust – a person whom I recently came across on the web insists that this did, in fact, not actually happen; that it was just all made up so that new generations could loathe the Nazis.

Something else he kindly informed me of, was that he apparently is not a neo-Nazi himself, but just a very smart guy, as well as someone who “knows the truth” as he so embarrassingly put it. Now, if you’re not a neo-Nazi, then surely you would know better than to view that which is written in millions of history books as fiction, whilst thinking that something which several deluded neo-Nazis claim – simply as failed attempts to fool all the intelligent people in the world – is the true story, then you can best be described as a self-proclaimed “smart guy”, evidently brainwashed by Nazi-propaganda.

It is not only stupid, but also repulsively disrespectful. I know a person who suffered immensly, like all other Jews – those who didn’t die horrific deaths, of course – during The Holocaust. Why a man like him would lie about an experience like that, I do not know, but I’m sure eventually some idiotic neo-Nazi will be kind enough to “explain” it to me. “Oh, they’re just making that shit up ‘cuz they wanted (more) people to hate Hitler!”

Do you believe it never occurred? Do you believe we’ve just been told falsities? Do you believe all these Jewish survivors simply lie about their terrible experiences, just to make Nazis seem more bad than they would have been cosidered anyway? Do you believe all schools and history books are, in reality, meant to fool us? Well, it’s like this: aside from genuine fools, YOU aren’t fooling anyone!

Some people are just plain sickening. That is all.