Today is Sweden’s independence day, or national day or whatever, and I’m not sure what religion or culture I’m offending by being aware of this fact. In Sweden you cannot be sure!

Little children are, from what I’ve gathered, no longer permitted to sing the national anthem because it is deemed racist. Yes, proud Swedes singing their national anthem on the appropriate day is pure racism! This is because of the simple fact that whenever a country, mostly one that worships Allah, goes to war, this is where people go when they don’t want to stay in the middle of the chaos anymore – to Sweden! And because Sweden has become less of a proud country and more of a place where scared nations can just hang out and mingle, it is Sweden that has to adapt itself and NOT the people who move in.

If we don’t adapt ourselves we are racist – it’s as simple as that. If we sing our national anthem or, heck, if we don’t believe in Allah, Buddha or an elephant with six arms, then we’re intolerant, cruel and racist.

Since we Swedes, according to all these immigrants, constantly discover new ways to infuriate them, wouldn’t it be much better for them to be kicked out and sent home to their pain, suffering and death? At least for a while so that they can pick between pain, suffering & death and a peaceful counrty that just so happens to not believe in their religion. Take your pick.

I will aknowledge that this is a post that does indeed make me seem somewhat mean towards immigrants, but I’m only intending to show you people out there what true patriotism really is. Besides, if I’m yelled at by a muslim for being patriotic, then he’s the one who’s racist, isn’t it? Thus I think we can just call it even, huh?

Now, I do not – repeat, NOT – that people from other countries shouldn’t be allowed to live with us. They can stay here if they want, but I sure as Hell don’t think us Swedes should stop celebrating our holidays just because some immigrants happen to be idiotic enough to think that every Swedish tradition in some way is discriminating towards their religion… and NO, I’m not insulting any religion or culture whatsoever when I write this – I’m insulting idiots, who come to Sweden for shelter when they’re  unable to respect our traditions, because they believe they can point at anything, call it racist and be right.

Immigrants should be welcome here, as well as they should be satisfied with the peaceful, war-less land they’e found, instead of giving Swedes a bad conscience for no real reason. However, if you are, say, a muslim who thinks mere Swedish traditions are racist, then you’re just an ungrateful moron who should just pack up and go home to BIG-BADDA-BOOM-EXPLOSION-land. You don’t like it here? Too fucking bad! Go home! Buh-bye!

Seriously, Sweden! You’re your own fucking country with your own fucking traditions and culture! Grow some fucking BALLS already! Christ!