Yep, this is another irritated post concerning numskulls that I have the misfortune to interact with on a daily basis, and yet again it has to do with movies.

What am I angry about this time? Well, have you ever had one of those moments where you are viewing a perfectly enjoyable movie and all of a sudden one of your friends comes along to glance at the film you’re watching. This happened to me not too long ago, and that glance was enough for her to jump to the conclusion that the film I was watching was bad. While I wouldn’t call Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas a masterpiece, I still find this greatly silly.

I mean, either this person is such a great film critic that she could analyze the film as a whole by merely glancing at it for a few seconds or, and this is far more likely, she’s just another one of those philistines who think that movies are bad just because Edward Cullen is absent from the story. To be fair, she actually explained (YAY! *Applause*) why she decided to just dismiss the film; it was because it was filmed from weird angles. Okay.

“Well, a good shot at a review it certainly is, young lady, but you have failed to bear in mind that a film can’t be defined solely on how it is filmed, except if the camera is pointed at the floor or a wall and not letting you see anything else; you should also pay attention to the performances given by the actors, the way the characters are written, how well you think it is directed, whether or not you enjoy the story, perhaps how the music goes with the tone of the film, whether or not you like the overall tone etc. etc. Clearly you have not seen more than mere frames of this film, young lady. Try harder next time.


I hope you understand what I mean.