A-ha, so THIS is what Harold Camping was talking about when he spoke of the end of the world, or the Rapture, or whatever! As dangerous as these things can be, mister Camping, calling it the end of the world is kind of a stretch.

Yes, Iceland is spewing ash once more and this time it is from Grímsvötn. As I am writing this it is getting close to Sweden; I hope, for one thing, that my mother’s plane lands before it gets too dangerous to fly here, and I also wonder what will happen when it reaches us? I know very little of these things, so I’ll ask anyone out there if volcanic eruptions can affect the weather, somehow? I wonder this because when another ash cloud reached us last year it started snowing like crazy (it wasn’t ash, I tasted) right after a few weeks of warm weather on par with summer, but I don’t know if it was merely a coincidence. Swedish springs look that way, after all.

Either way, congratulations mister Camping; you managed to at least predict a quake, which would start of a volcanic eruption rather than the end of days. I know you’re disappointed, but you’ll get another chance to predict the real Apocalypse, in October to be exact. Also how do you live with yourself?