Aye! This one be worth spottin’.

A new trio of scallywags.

And so the Pirates of The Caribbean-franchise continues with a fourth chapter, this time with no Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley slowing things down, but also no Gore Verbinski in the director’s chair, no Davy Jones, obviously, and uh-oh, it’s in 3D! Lowering my expectations before seeing On Stranger Tides turned out to be for the better.

I enjoyed more than I was fairly certain I would; it is definitely better than movie three, that’s for sure. Johnny Depp returns as Jack Sparrow, who is on the run from the British law as usual, but has to look through London to find a person who has been impersonating him for some time. This impostor is revealed to be Angelica (Penélope Cruz), an old amour of Jack’s. Angelica brings Jack aboard the ship of her father, the frightful Blackbeard (Ian McShane), who is on his way to locate the Fountain of Youth and he is certain Jack will be useful.

Simultaneously, another expedition commences, lead by the now one-legged Captain Barbossa (played once more by Geoffrey Rush), who has recently become a British privateer. Barbossa also hires Sparrow’s former First Mate Gibbs (played once more by Kevin McNally) to navigate their voyage to the Fountain, which is also what the Spanish are searching for; so thus begins a race between Jack, Angelica & Blackbeard, Barbossa and the Spanish, all sailing towards the Fountain of Youth.

Another new character is the religious missionairy Phillip Swift, portrayed by Sam Claflin; he serves as the Orlando Bloom of this movie, one could say – I.E. he is the young, serious character who falls in love with a girl amidst the chaos, or in this case, a mermaid. Yes, there are mermaids in this film. The scene where they first arrive to pull a horny Stephen Graham and his mates into the water is a cool one. Why these mermaids eat ships and have vampire-fangs, I’m not really sure.

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa.

The 3D wasn’t as irritating here as it was in Thor, which is because it was barely even there; I could remove those heavy glasses certain times to discover that I could see things just fine. Not only was the picture brighter but it was also sharp; I could actually enjoy parts of the film in the 2D I wish it was presented in.

Pirates of The Carribean: On Stranger Tides is not a bad movie; some of the funny moments work just fine and the actors, expecially the great Johnny Depp, do a good job. But the film has a slow beginning and takes a long time to get started; I was close to falling asleep after a while, but I was up late the night before I went to see this, so maybe the movie isn’t to blame. The story is pretty interesting, but even if I didn’t fall asleep because of the movie, I’m afraid some people might, especially if you desire large amounts of pirate-action.

Bare in mid, this is a review written by someone with a soft spot for Johnny Depp. I personally enjoyed it therefor, though I cannot say it’s nearly as good as the first two films in the series. Though it is worth checking out, especially if you get the opportunity to see it in 2D and if you’re a fan of Depp’s.

The action is good, the actors do well, the visuals are pretty, Hans Zimmer’s score is beautiful and the characters are all likeable, but it is indeed a little slow as it is getting started; I also would have been pleased to see Keith Richards get a bigger and more important role in this installment, but this did not happen. Maybe in the next movie?

Yeah, you read that correctly – there appears to be not only a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean-movie, but also a sixth one coming up. Wow, um… Well, to be honest, I don’t think I would really mind to see another one of these. I guess I should just pack all the rum, because I’m about to go sail with captain Sparrow once more. Savvy?

*Cue the Hans Zimmer-music*

3/5 whatever.