As I did on Facebook a while back, I am here today to tell you of how irritating it is for someone like me – a person with a decent knowledge when it comes to film criticism – to try and explain to a devoted Happy Madison fanboy or Twilight fangirl why exactly I view the films of Sandler and the Twilight-movies as poor. There are times when I meet fans with some knowledge of their own, who will realize that I make good points, but will also make their own points, which usually make sense.

But see, here’s how I see it – there is a difference between the words “fan” and “fanboy”/”fangirl”; fans enjoy the movies and can explain fairly well why they, for instance, would like a particularly stupid movie about vampires with the “superpower” of scintillation (it is because of the cinematography and music, I’ve figured), whilst fanboys and fangirls are obsessed with the films they attempt to defend by referring to ME as the untaught one, right after I simply state that Twilight is poorly written or that Adam Sandler is more annoying than amusing. Often they will also state that the romance in Twilight, for example, is interesting and believable, which is not only something that most intelligent human beings know  not to be true, but they also tend to say that it is, right after I’ve explained that it isn’t.

THOSE are the kind of people I hate; the people who view intelligent film reviews as jibberish, the people incapable of smart reasoning due to – once again – lack of knowledge, the people who try to defend the movies from my criticism by throwing insults at me, the people who love the movies and hate anyone who does not.

I do not hate people who like movies that I hate, though, nor do I find them stupid; instead I hate people who like bad movies and also happen to be too stupid to understand why I criticise the films! Those who DO understand film criticism, but still have those “guilty pleasures”, I’m not telling you to stop liking the movie; I am just pointing out some errors that are good to keep in mind. But of course, there are limits to how bad a movie can be without me viewing the fans as simply insane. If you, for instance, believe that a movie like Disaster Movie is a fantastic masterpiece whilst Schindler’s List is a deplorable piece of crap, then you are just, if you’ll allow me to be honest, incorrect!

So, if your taste is different than mine, I’ll accept that if it can be discussed. If your taste is just plain woeful, leave me forever in peace.