Justin Bieber. Where on the Internet must I look in order to not find anything Bieber-related. Haters, fans, jokes, pictures, music, parodies – it is inescapable. Why, really? Isn’t Justin Bieber just another of those teen idols that ignorant tweens require? Is he not one of those people it would have been better if we had just ignored? Clearly not.

Think of The Jonas Brothers; their music was also loathesome, yet tweens really loved them, just as it should be, and also as it should be, they disappeared after a while. While they were big, there was little fuzz; I for one just shrugged it off and left those tweens alone with their cute boys. Enter Justin Bieber, the next teen idol, and so it all began. There was something special about this particular newcomer; he seemed to gain more fame than most teen idols before him, both due to the size of his fanbase and due to the extreme hatred towards him. I’m not going to discuss why this particular young star is so much more hated than the rest, but I will state the following fact: we’re not forgetting this one.

What I am saying is that no matter how quickly Bieber’s career will vanish, he will always be remembered; remembered as that one teen idol that people detested extra much; remembered as the one person who got abnormally many fans despite his lack of talent; remembered as one of the most hated people on the Internet. This fact reminds me of a great quote by Charlie Sheen: “We don’t hate you because you’re famous, you’re famous because we hate you.” True, both Rebecca Black and Justin are really mostly famous because of the great amounts of hate towards them both. We made them famous!!

Don’t misread me – I am fine with Bieber being remembered as someone who most people abominated, and even if I would prefer it if we were simply to forget about this one and live on, part of me genuinely enjoys Bieber-jokes and insults.

His fandom will die out but the hatedom lives on! And I’ll just have to live with it.