This one I recommend!

Norris meeting the woman he believes to be the one.

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest with you now; I only went to see this movie because the Bureau members, interestingly enough, reminded me strongly of The Observers from the TV-show Fringe. Honestly, the resemblance is almost a bit suspicious. Yeah, I guess there really is more than one of everything!

Based on a book by Philip K. Dick, The Adjustment Bureau is a film – a pretty good one, I might add – that tells us of a group of mysterious men, always sporting suits and hats (what was it I said about The Observers again?) who monitor the world, making sure everything in an unsuspecting human’s life goes according to the plan, which is written in a book. Your life is a book, and you can do little aside from simply turning its pages.

Matt Damon plays David Norris, a man running for the United States Senate, but looses his lead around 2006, at which point he meets a woman who happens to be hiding in the men’s room, where Norris at first believed himself to be alone. Her name is Elise Sellas and she’s portrayed by Emily Blunt.

It is love at first sight, which turns out to be exactly what Norris needs to give a speech that gives him the lead again. There is a problem here, though. According to the plan, he was only ment to interact with Elise once, but one of the Bureau members (Anthony Mackie) makes a mistake, which causes Norris to do so anyway. They capture Norris and inform him that he must not be together with Elise and also that if he ever reveals their existence, they will find him and delete his memories. How very nice.

He does obey them, but after 3 years of never speaking to Elise and trying to forget about her, they meet yet again by pure chance. The Bureau is not pleased.

The Bureau confronting Norris.

The part of the film where the Bureau members, using their special powers, to prevent Norris from continuing his relationship with Elise is the my favourite part. They control the traffic lights, slowing down the taxi he’s riding, they disguise themselves as policemen who ask him lengthy questions, and so on, all whilst using doors to travel far across New York – doors which only work as portals when the Bureau members wear their special hats, I might add. It is really fascinating to watch.

Clearly they are not used to someone trying to go against the plan and make his own decisions; but wait, are the superiors angered by all this or do they think it is an interesting idea? Well, one of the members does wonder if they are in fact doing the right thing; perhaps he should just go right ahead and help this man get the woman he loves?

Okay, so what did I think? I thought the film was all-in-all pretty good, even if, as the film was getting started, I was wondering if the idea of this Bureau the film tells us about was such a good one; it seemed as if they were just a bunch of bored superheroes who had nothing better to do than ensure that things happen like they for some reason should, though I enjoyed the film more, the more of it I saw.

The actors all did well; I was especially pleased to see Terrence Stamp, who despite him being in The Phantom Menace, still keeps showing up here nd there. Damon plays his character well and you will find yourself rooting for him, hoping everything turns out okay for him in the end. Interestingly, Michael Kelly also appears, and he was on a Fringe-episode about (gasp!) The Observers, wasn’t he? I think George Nolfi is a fan, honestly.

So, the plot is quite interesting, the music is nice, the visuals look pretty, the actors do good, the cinematography is nice and the Bureau members are actually rather interesting characters, even if I am not sure I fully understand them.

Here is the trailer and my rating:

4/5 whatever.