I'll still write R.I.P., only it now stands for Rest In Pain!

Hello my dear readers.

Well, it finally happened; one of the world’s most despised individuals at last got shot dead. And even though the whole world celebrates this, I actually have something to say.

This is good in a way, but also bad – it is good because, well, Osama is finally gone, obviously, although it is bad because it sadly gives idiotic conspiracy theorists something new to spew their stupid and inept statements about; don’t you just hate it when that happens?! You should – there truly is nothing likeable about such morons, I’m just saying. Well, I suppose that all we can do is shake our heads, sigh at their foolishness and ignore them for the rest of eternity.

Besides, is it not just slightly creepy that the entire world is celebrating a person’s death? Is it just me?

Now, as sarcastic as this song is, I think it fits anyway. Do enjoy! Peace out!

(Hmm… Did Team America shoot him? I’m pretty sure they did.)