This one’s worth checking out!

King ArThor, trying to pull his weapon out of the rock.

Here we have the latest movie by Marvel Studios, in a series of films building up to The Avengers, which is to be released in 2012. I am glad to have seen it, though not very glad to have been forced to see it in 3D; that’s only paying extra for the movie to look worse (dimmer and blurrier), especially since 3D is even crappier in my country. How so? Let me explain…

I ‘ll admit, I have seen few films in 3D, but all of them so far seem to intend to impress me merely by making the subtitles appear to be floating in front of the actual film. Pardon me, but I am not amazed. But enough about 3D, let’s talk about Thor.

Thor opens with a group of scientists, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) and Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård), accidentaly hitting a man with their car. This man appears to have fallen from the sky. This is none other than Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who was banished here to Earth from a dimension where Norse mythology is fact and gods live together, ruled by who else but Odin? He’s played by Anthony Hopkins, by the way.

The reason Odin banished his son Thor, who was just about to ascend the throne of Asgard, was that he had angered the merciless Frost Giants, who – after many years of absence – had recently attacked Asgard. Thor, being a god who craves both battle and vengence, assembled a team of god-warriors and decided to attack the Frost Giants’ homeworld with the help of Heimdall (Idris Elba), the keeper of the bifröst bridge, which gods use to travel between worlds.

Thor’s time on Earth after all this is rather amusing. He does things such as underestimating the power of a puny weapon like the tazer-gun as well as walking into a pet shop, hoping to find a steed. Without his hammer Mjölnir, taken from him by din, he is powerless, but the hammer is on Earth too, luckily.


However, S.H.I.E.L.D – the organisation spoken of in the Iron Man-films, if you don’t remember – get their hands on it first (after a bunch of rednecks attempt to pull it out of the crater in which it crashed, King Arthur-style), making it difficult for Thor to take it back, but Jane and co. do their best to help, even though they doubt he is indeed the god of thunder, but even when he reaches his weapon he is unable to pull it out of the rock, for some reason.

Meanwhile, Odin is overcome with stress, which causes him to go into the Odinsleep, which means that Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), can seize the throne, just as he always wanted. But that’s not enough; he has a plan to actually prove himself worthy to Odin. I think I’ll stop here, before I reveal too much.

The gods in this movie are more badass than Age of Mythology or Disney’s Hercules have taught me. They kick alot of Assgard in this film – hardy har har!!!

Now then, the irritating 3D aside, what do I think of the film? It could be much, much worse, but is it wrong of me to have questions? Like, why exactly are there Asian-Americans and African-Americans among Norse-gods? I’m not being rascist; I am only wondering why they couldn’t stick with mere whites pretending to be from up north? Is this perhaps explained in the Marvel-comic? Why do the gods use cuss-words like ‘hell’ and ‘damn’? Surely they don’t believe in OUR God, so they must just be imitating modern-day Earthlings, I guess. Maybe this is explained in the comic too?

All of that, however, is just nit-picking. The movie, despite beeing hard to see through dark glasses and floating subtitles, is pretty good. It must be seen if you’re following the Avengers-story and want to see what happens next (I advice you to stay until after the credits have rolled). Really nice visuals, pretty good acting, an interesting story, alright action-scenes and well-made for something based on a rather silly comic. Yeah, a 3.5/5-rating seems entirely fair. Had I been totally pleased with the characters it would be even higher.

I am ashamed, however, to admit that I failed to spot Stan Lee in this movie. I knew perfectly well that this is a Marvel-movie, so why weren’t I even looking? Maybe I was to busy beeing annoyed by my heavy 3D-glasses which I kept removing? Okay, okay, I’ll shut up now!

3.5/5 whatever.