This one's worth checking out.


Peter Weller as Lee.

Upon having been seen by me, this movie has now become one of those films I intend to show some of my friends, just out of pure curiosity as to how they will react. The reason for this is that this is a very, and I mean VERY, screwed-up movie.

Naked Lunch is a 1991 David Cronenberg-film, not necessarily based on the William S. Burroughs-book of the same name, but more like a biography on Burroughs’ pathetic, depressing life.

Peter Weller plays William Lee (Burroughs’ avatar), an exterminator who one day discovers that his wife Joan, played by Judy Davis, has used his insecticide for drugs. Eventually, Lee himself develops an addiction to his bug powder and later finds Joan sleeping with another man – simply because, according to her, they were just bored – and accidentally ends up shooting her dead, while perfroming a so-called William Tell-routine. Lee isn’t all that upset over this, since he was earlier given the “mission”, by a giant bug with a speaking anus, to go kill his wife.

Just… just try and stick with me, okay?

Here’s where the movie really starts; here’s where we start seeing what things look like from the point of view of Lee, thanks to his exposure to the insecticide – at least that’s what I think is supposed to be the reason behind the grotesque images, bizarre scenes and absurd, talking typewriter-creatures we get to see – and, whilst he gets another mission: go to Interzone and locate one dr. Benway, we also see him write the titular book. So, the book was made on drugs and would eventually become this movie, you say? Well, can’t say my jaw dropped when I recieved those news.

A thing and a... HUH??!!!

I thought the movie was good, at least good enough. I usually end up enjoying films that are really, really crazy; Naked Lunch is such a film. Peter Weller only did an alright job a few times, and other times he bored me, Ian Holm was a lot of fun and Peter Boreski did well voicing all the creatures, actually sounding a lot like Burroughs. I have not seen a lot of Cronenberg’s film, I’ll admit that, but I’m quite certain this is not his best work.

The movie is weird, indeed, but it does have a coherent story which is not that difficult to follow; it just happens  to have some extremely messed-up stuff in it.

Bugs with talking rectums, typewriters that orgasm when you type on them, twisted sex-scenes and so on. I don’t know what else to say really; explaining what Naked Lunch is about should give you an idea about how it is.

Well, I will tell you this: I’m not sure what will be funnier – watching other people watch this movie or attempting to explain the plot to them.

Here’s the trailer, as usual:

3.5/5 whatever.