This one I can recommend!

The next movie I want to review is Ink, a movie that’s surprisingly touching, well-acted, clever and over-all good for an indie-film.

It tells us of two kinds of supernatural beings, The Storytellers and The Incubi, that emerge at night and exist to either give you pleasant dreams (The Storytellers) or horrific nightmares (The Incubi). I wonder who’s responsible for the wet dreams??

Left to right: Gabe, Jacob, Ellel and Sarah

One night, a whole new creature, going by the name Ink, shows up and kidnaps the daughter of a man who has just lost his wife. The man, his name’s John, doesn’t seem to care much for his daughter Emma, even when she’s in the hospital, but luckily The Storytellers are there to mess with the timeline, with the help of a so-called Pathfinder named Jacob (he serves as the otherwise sad film’s comic relief), causing John to go to the hospital – as a patient, that is – where Emma lies dying. Her soul however (I hope I’m getting this right!) is with Ink, who tries to travel back to the Incubus-world using special gateways, but fails due to one of The Storytellers breaking his special key as he was kidnapping Emma.

Some of the movie focuses on poor John and his past, some of it focuses on Ink and Emma’s journey through different worlds and the rest focuses on three Storytellers attempting to get Jacob to stop spewing wisecracks and just help them get a hold of John; all of it is actually rather interesting.

I came across this movie accidentally, not knowing I was about to watch something really, really good. After then learning some things about it, I was sad that no major film studio picked it up when it was finished back in ’09. Well, I hope the people who actually bother to read this will consider giving it a chance.

The visual effects and make-up are of course not perfect, but the movie still looks nice thanks to the way it’s filmed: with many different-colored filters – this will annoy some, but I personally thought all the different colors fitted the tone of the film; it all looks very dreamlike and pretty, but sometimes frightening and unnerving.

Ink and his nose(!)

The actors all do well (again, rather surprising), the plot had me interested from beginning to end, I thought the characters all looked fascinating, I was fond of the soundtrack and I just like the overall look of the film, though some of you might not. The fast editing and sometimes shaky camera work IS something that even I will admit can be annoying at certain times.

Once again, this is one of those films that I wish more people to acknowledge; too few people have seen this, but I do hope that this will soon change. I just wish I could get why Ink’s nose had to be so gosh darn huge???

4.5/5 whatever.