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Showtime’s Who Is America? is simultaneously one of the funniest and most horrifying shows I’ve seen in many a long, cold night. I don’t know what solidifies this more; the fact that anyone in 201X still falls for Sacha Baron Cohen’s put-ons, or that it doesn’t seem to take that much “fooling” to get people in power to agree with the proposal of a program that supplies American school children with firearms as a measure AGAINST school shootings.

It seems I have implied that Sacha Baron Cohen’s routine, where he performs a character from a different land well enough that he can dupe horrible people into saying horrible things without ever being unveiled, is “so yesterday”. His Borat was a success, even funnier because of its exposé of humanity than because of Cohen’s stellar performance, but Brüno left many dissatisfied. The Dictator was good, but lacked the documentary format that allowed Cohen to use his characters to get content out of people in real life.

Now, Cohen returns to that format, and we realize that the contemporary climate is what was needed to bring Cohen back to form and give his parnkster shtick a place to resurge. Because, as clips from Who Is America? will confirm, the truth about life is still (perhaps more than ever) “you can’t make this shit up”.

When I reviewed Beatriz at Dinner, I feared that too many films and shows would henceforth be reactions to the Trump presidency and that messages of girl power, black rights, and fat baby-man politicians would get too old and repetitive to be striking. Colbert’s adventures of Cartoon Trump are indeed stale and The Opposition sloppily tries to achieve that which Cohen now has. THIS is what we needed; Cohen getting back in Borat-tier shape when the world of politics, not to mention political TV, demanded it most.

Cohen plays a multitude of characters, including conspiracy theorist Billy Ruddick, a textbook liberal activist named Nira, and an Israeli anti-terrorism expert who spearheads the Kinderguardians movement, which aims to put weapons in the hands of school children to keep them safe (try to follow along). We learn from such interviewees as Congressman Joe Wilson that the founding fathers did in fact never put an explicit age limit on the Second Amendment, and Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America is happy to explain that toddlers are “pure” as they are still “uncorrupted by fake news and homesexuality”. Again I dare you to write something more amazing than this.

As mockumentaries and social experiments that blur the line between reality and fiction go, this is not as impressive as, say, Nirvanna the Band the Show. There’s just not as much tension here when it seems that the cover of the performer might be blown. Even so, it turns out Cohen’s still got it (as Sarah Palin, Roy Moore and others will also tell you) and I hope he keeps it up. This is more like it, ya godless media libruls.




O B L I G A T O R Y    H A T E    M A I L    #20

Six million years ago, I was, like many others, an incorrigible fan of Doug “Nostalgia Critic” Walker, along with a multitude of other creators featured on his media conglomorate website Channel Awesome, previously That Guy With The Glasses. This faded as we aged and was destroyed completely by the #ChangeTheChannel clusterfuck, summarized here. Being as things stay on the Internet forever, though, it appears the time is now to lecture me on the tastes I had when I was literally a teenager, judging from the few pieces of hate mail in my inbox that aren’t just Reddit copypastas sent to me from different usernames and email accounts that share the same IP address.

So join me, dear reader, as I backpedal, save face, and whatever else explains the discrepancy of opinions between my teen-year-old self and I.


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this coming from the guy who blindly supported the guy with the glasses, a company who would only show symphathy when it benefits them and talk about other people doing wrongs while not showing responsibility for what they’re saying
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This was posted on my own little “In Memoriam” for Channel Awesome creator Justin Carmical, aka JewWario, who killed himself in 2014 but may not have deserved quite so much universal love, what with all the grooming he was reportedly doing during cons (note that my post has since been slightly altered). Like many things about Channel Awesome, this is not something that was known until this year, so I am skeptical of the narrative that I’m the dipshit for typing a farewell post for a person I did not know was a creep at the time, and attempting to be hearfelt in spite of my support of a company that did shit that I also did not know about. You know, since it wasn’t really public knowledge yet. View full article »


This one’s worth skipping.

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This one’s worth skipping.

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What better way to spend the Fourth of July than to look expose the bajeezus out of the anti-American SJW propaganda that kid’s movies have – and have had for a long time, it turns out. Ladies and gentlemen, my exposé of the Satanic anti-white messages of Spy Kids. I am extremely lonely but at least I’m eating Mexican food out of spite while rewatching the export.

VIDEO: Re-master of old short

Mostly because Bach is more difficult to copyright claim than Pruit Igoe.

‘Hereditary’ Review

This one I recommend.

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The above clip recently surfaced after a team of adult grown-ups got tired of feminists ruining their favorite kid’s movie franchise and initiated a campaign to remake the most evil, brainwashing, culture-destroying movie ever made – Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This is comforting news as it proves not everyone has turned into an emotional soy boy who cares about mainstream-peddled shit like sexual assault or immigrant families getting torn apart and caged at the border, when urgent matters like “too many girls in da Star Wars” plague the nation. Manliness wins and feelings lose, bitch! Take that, Hillary!

Now, a lot of people have made fun of the idea that an army of basement-dwelling piss-babies could possibly make a movie on the same level as trained Hollywood professionals to begin with, but hold your horses! There is, at last, a clip! Enjoy. And also “live long and wizard Harry”.

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This one’s worth checking out.

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This one’s worth skipping.

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