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This one’s worth checking out.

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The poster

This one’s worth checking out.

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spookersI’m sure I don’t need to explain the NPC meme to you, nor should anyone anywhere try to explain shit like Internet memes. But just in case: it’s a series of comics mocking those whose beliefs are invariably in line with whatever’s popular or peddled by MSM, characterizing them as conscienceless robots whose only real emotion is the rage they exhibit when questioned. Right off the bat, I don’t outright reject the notion of NPCs (aptly taken from the gaming term “non-player characters”), but as the meme has grown popular, I’ve noticed something comical about the valiant free-thinkers who primarily use it. And no, it won’t be the irony of using the exact same response template as the rest of your sphere to accuse others of group think. View full article »

This one’s worth skipping.

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‘Family Guy’ Review (TV)

Worth skipping.

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Tarantino, Refn, Von Trier and many others will be super angry at Bird Tattoo, an experimental anthology that glimpses into several interconnected lives in and around Los Santos, all of them distracted by their finite time on Earth as something more astronomically significant approaches. NOTE: Not a real Cannes entry.

We meet a farmer who slaughters his livestock once he sees the end drawing near, a crime lord and club owner who starts cutting corners, an errand boy who works for said crime lord as well as a local cannibal cult, a rich couple that’s forced to reconnect as their son vanishes, a serial killer with a taste for blood, and a young girl who sees what lies beyond. There’s also some trees.

(See video description for which directors are being referenced in each segment.)

As if eavesdropping on another Creationist rant about how belief in Big Bang Theory and black holes is equivalent to religious faith since it’s all “just theories”, the Universe itself recently announced having had “enough o’ that shit” and promptly gave humanity its first observable black hole, just to piss people off. The world of science is of course in ecstasy. View full article »

This one’s worth checking out.

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I guess I feel the same way about the much anticipated Twilight Zone revival as I do the other horror works attached to Jordan Peele thus far. The concepts are as original and outlandish as TZ content ought to be, and the tone is NEARLY on-point. It is the writing I mainly take issue with. It’s not all bad of course, but much like Us and Get Out (themselves functioning rather well as unofficial pilots for this new series) there are some beginner’s mistakes.

The first episode, available online, features Kumail Nanjiani as a stage comedian – a not always likeable but always believable character – who can do something extraordinary with his performances. He will often verbally announce these strange events, usually to no-one in particular besides himself and usually when the viewer can easily discern what the event actually was. Side note: I’m speaking in vague terms because I don’t want to give too much away with content like this, at least not this early.

Writing like this is excusable, I suppose, as Peele is still a most promising newbie and, hell, he wasn’t even the writer of this particular script. As for the second episode, it is a remake of a pre-existing Twilight Zone story; one in which William Shatner discovers something terrifying above the clouds during a seemingly normal flight.

The most important thing for Peele himself is to work on the delivery of the iconic narrations of each story. Rod Serling he is not (nobody in this dimension is, if we’re being honest) but he may yet become comfortable in the role and find his own unique take. Take only what’s important from this review, though: I absolutely think you will want to see this! You’re about to enter a new dimension.



In accordance with Article 13, personnel at the WTF Foundation have been forced to indefinitely terminate From the Mind of Victor Anderson due to its non-monetized Fair Use of copyrighted images (purposes include “criticism” and “satire”), soon to be a crime punishable by death and castration in that order.

Enclosed below are other complaints that were taken into consideration when this decision was finalized:

speedleHis reviews are garbage! He rarely, if ever, looks at a film’s sociopolitical themes or performs an electro-Marxist, protofeminist, psycho-analysis of a work, instead deciding that films like Birdemic: Shock and Terror are somehow demonstrably bad, just because he fails to read it through the right theoretical framework and realize its impact on the representation of Asian filmmakers.

-Speedle von Keedle, Buzzington Post

jimothyThrough his rants, Victor keeps hurting the rep of YouTube stars, Disney remakes, and other popular epic things, because yes, I really do give him that much credit. And that’s to say nothing of his predictably hyperbolic reviews of those dank DC movies. Another insincere critic getting paid off by Disney (even though he shits on them too and I literally mentioned this). Not like me; I love everything. Buy BvS!

-Jimothy Fanboy, YouTuber

crimson tinkle.JPGReally, bitch? You gon tryna tell me superhero films are bereft of stakes or lasting damage AND that Disney remakes don’t actually need to exist, EVEN THOUGH me and my best friend cried for six hours when Loki died for real this time and seven after we saw the new Genie?? Next you’ll be telling me there’s no evidence that Carol Denvers and Valkyrie will date each other, lol.

-Crimson Tinkle, Cosmoplifeed reader

dum fuck cares about his lil BOLG like theirs somehow value in learnin to be critycal of the media we collectively consoom n have difernt standards as the significanse of art is not to be discounted. what a gay thing that is to say. why cant he do something more useful to society/culture like play the harmonica or [EXPLETIVES AND PLANTATION ERA RACIAL SLURS OMITTED] tee-hee.

-Bill, some guy

I refer you back to my previous comments.

-Don Barnacle, professional piece of shit

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