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This movie, should you choose to accept it, is worth checking out.

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‘Bojack Horseman’ Review (TV)


Highly recommended.

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‘Upgrade’ Review

This one’s worth checking out.

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‘The Nun’ Review

nun victor poster

This one’s worth checking out.

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All dumb things must come to an end. In this episode, Jesus “CarpenThor” Christ and his metahuman rebel friends go after Lex Jewthor as he tries to find Lois, who keeps moving through/beyond time under the mantle of Scarlet Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Diana and Beast Boi both get their act together, Mannibal takes charge of his only allies, Chesterfield makes his way to the Sanctuary, metahuman experiments Norman Stillbourne and Loker finally meet, and Sinistor prepares for the beginning of the end – the arrival of Tharkseid. Anyhoo, it’s been fun.

This one’s worth skipping.

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1000th Post Anniversary

Unless I delete something really old and terrible like I did one of my “bieber sux” articles, this post you’re watching is the 1000th one on my site.

I guess it’s not that big a deal since some of my posts are short and as difficult to publish as Tweets. But today I bring you, just as I did when I turned five, a collection of some longer pieces that I still think you should check out. It’s been fun and I’ll try to keep posting when I have time. For now, enjoy the “classics”.


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The cuckold doth protest too much, methinks

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STOP overreacting to negative criticism!

Facebook: Where you can make a living exploiting sick people, stealing content, or posting unoriginal bullshit next to Minions

YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? – Twitter Accounts That Work Like Shitty Facebook “Like” Pages

YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE? – Losing Respect For Idols

Kanye West Commentary

Nicki Minaj Commentary

Trump Wins U.S. Presidential Election

People Responding To #MeToo With “Not All Men” Comforted That Singular Bathroom Assault Story Proves Their Point About Trans Women

Thank you Logan Paul

The PewDiePie Fanboy Drinking Game

Daddy Onision

i miss Ray William Johnson 😦


and of course, my film reviews

Thank you for reading.

This one’s a Must-see!

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Paying attention is the worst thing you can do, since you just end up angry AT everyone and insufferable TO them. Luckily, I don’t have this problem, since I have managed to make my insufferability an endearing character quirk (kinda like some people do with a certain other thing – see Point 4 in this list). Therefore, I hereby present this list of misconceptions to which I have issued unsolicited corrections. It’s one of my best party tricks and I felt like sharing it with whatever semblance of reader base I have too. View full article »

This one’s worth skipping.

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