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Top 10 Greatest SCP items


A year or so back, I came across a uniquely intriguing and clever website known as The SCP Foundation; a Creepypasta wiki that allegedly represents the classified documents of a government organization that monitors the planet, searching for supernatural objects, creatures and locations. Their mission is to Secure, Contain and Protect. Now, of course I know that none of this “info” is real, but basically, if this was a TV series I would watch the living Hell out of it. I love this site so much, in fact, that I wrote a parody of it once when making fun of Beliebers but that’s a different story.

Think Cabin In The Woods meets Fringe and you’ll get the basic idea of what this is. Ever since the site very first SCP, written at some point in 2007 I believe, there have been well over 1000 new SCP articles on the site and I feel like I have read enough of them at this point to compose this fun little list of which SCP’s I think are the most creative, interesting or just downright scary. Even though there are most likely a few more out there for me to discover, these are my Top 10 Current Favourites from the SCP wiki. View full article »

Cephalonia, here we come!

Cephalonia, here we come!

Due to my mother having booked a trip to Cephalonia in Greece for me and the family, I’m gonna be absent for the next week, but unlike my last couple of vacations, this one’s not gonna stop me from providing content! I have a few posts scheduled already and I might even write something while I’m down there (most presumably a review of whatever terrible in-flight movie we’re shown), but it is doubtful.

Either way, the plane takes off tonight and soon I’ll be munching gyros on the Ionian isle of  Κεφαλλονιά! Cheers, friends!

Take care!

I once found a post on Tumblr that criticized men for mocking the way women behave during their monthly period. The girl who wrote it made the confident assertion that men who do this are starkly hypocritical, since their hormones actually make them behave like that too, except that they do it all the damn time. Yes folks, apparently the indisputable fact of the matter is that a woman on her period is what a man is like 24/7.

It seemed legit, what with it being a popular Tumblr post and all, but in case anyone isn’t completely sold on it yet, I have taken the initiative to make this list that brings up exactly what menstruation does to women and see how much of it applies to the way men are “all the time”. View full article »

Has it been 10 years already? Man, I gotta say, even though I myself didn’t come across this until 2008, I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

There's no way this is a coincidence.

There’s no way this is a coincidence.

There is no worse time to be a frequent Internet user than during the World Cup; an event the mere existence of which works as the insulting implication that I should give a shit about who manages to kick a white sphere into what net. Sounds like a pretty fricking trivial thing to base a worldwide event on but hey, the entire rest of the goddamn world seems to think that watching over-paid hunks kick a fucking ball back and forth is the apotheosis of excitement so of course, it’s pretty hard to avoid mentions of this oh so riveting sports event. View full article »

This one w

This one works as punishment

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This one I recommend.

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This one's worth checking out.

This one’s worth checking out.

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I wrote an article a while back where I talked about how feminism as interpreted by the idiots of Tumblr is one of the probable reasons the feminist movement has gained such a bad rep amongst those not a part of it as of late. It wasn’t a very good article. It was a rambling, unfocused mess and it suffered particularly from the fact that I failed to bring up any good examples of the brand of stupidity I was describing.

But, thank the Lord, now I’ve found just the thing! Behold: View full article »

Iggy Azalea, not to be confused with that one cartoon cat that chases cockroaches and shit, is an American singer that has risen to prominence, not only thanks to her song “Fancy”, but also thanks to her feud with America’s most adorable excuse for a contribution to the world of lyrical profundity: Nicki Minaj. Apparently the latter is critical of the former’s work, as if her getting put in the American Idol jury as the U.S.A’s prank on themselves suddenly makes her qualified to judge others.

But for real, maybe Minaj is right about Azalea? She could very well be, which is why I bring you this episode of Song Commentaries. Surely, if it’s bad enough that even Nicki Minaj looks upon it with disdain, it must be bad enough to warrant a spot on one of my Commentary segments too, right? Right. Let’s see how it is… View full article »


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